Bernhard Endres was born in 1962 in Saarbrücken, Germany . After having obtained a school-leaving certificate with distinction, he began to study in his native town at the University and the School of Music of the Saarland, studying schoolmusic with musicology and classical philology, piano-pedagogy, artist-diploma piano and orchestral conducting.

Artistically he concentrated on piano major with Prof. Alexander Sellier, on chambermusic with Prof. Claus Kanngiesser and on orchestral conducting major with GMD Prof.Hans Drewanz.

As a fellow of the government of the Saarland, the Rotary-Foundation, the DAAD and the IU-School of Music Bloomington, he continued his piano-and chambermusic-studies in Paris, Munich and Bloomington (USA) in the classes of Serge Petitgirard, James Tocco, Gerhard Oppitz, Michel Béroff and especially György Sebök, which deeply influenced and promoted his further development.

In these years he also actively participated in the international masterclasses of Leon Fleisher, György Sandor and Vlado Perlemuter, thus having obtained a rich musical education in contact with the great masters of the piano, that has become extremely rare.

He won first prices in the Walter-Gieseking-Competition and in the international competition for the superior artist diploma at the Ecole Normale in Paris, a second price in the international piano-concerto-competition at IU-School of Music, and a fourth price in the International Piano Competition W.A.Mozart in Sarrebourg (France).

After early teaching positions at music schools, as an AI at IU-School of Music, as piano-teacher at the School of Music of the Saarland and as assistant conductor at the Lutheran Choir Community of the Saar under Prof.Dr.Loskant, he won in 1991 the position as piano-teacher at the Meistersinger-Conservatory in Nuremberg - now School of Music - as one of the youngest university teachers in Germany.

Like his teacher György Sebök, Bernhard Endres represents a certain ethics in music, which sets a higher value on the search for sense than on the striving for a superficial perfection without musical contents. In times of increasing glamour and showmanship, he focuses in his teaching on the human being at the instrument, struggling for a personal and profound interpretation. He preaches listening and tries to develop the awareness of his students.

In order to be able to help his students in this way and to meet his pedagogical responsibility, Endres intensively studied the effect of emotions on the physical playing-process and their meaning for an interpretation in the course of almost 30 years of his university-teaching. He analysed the interactions between body and soul and their blockings, and he worked on the concentration on the essence of music during the playing process.

Beyond that Endres has been performing with great joy as soloist and chambermusician. Through his concerts, radio-broadcasts and CD's Endres has earned international reputation as a highly cultivated pianist with an enourmous sense for sound and colours, whose playing shows structural clarity and poetry. He masters a wide repertory that reaches out in our time and encompasses works of composers like Reger, Stockhausen, Bernstein or Scriabin as well. He has always had a particular passion for chambermusic.

Together with the oboist Prof.Menzel he has published a 7-CD-anthology, which is exemplary in its artistical and pedagogical conception.

In May 2017 he finished an internationally acknowledged yogateacher training. The joint training of the "Neo Yoga Center" of Goa (India) and the "be-better-Yoga" of Berlin was staged under the direction of the yoga acharyas Kerstin Linnartz and Akhilesh Bodhi together with the yogateachers Mark Ansari and Raquel Salvador from London. Since then he teaches yoga as well. Special projects and workshops in the field of yoga and music are in preparation.

Workshop Yoga and Piano, Nov. 8 - 11, 2018, Villa Weiss, 95233 Helmbrechts
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